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If you suspect termites or other pests, or are even overdue for an inspection, contacting Viking Termite is one of the best moves you can make to protect the structural integrity of your most precious and expensive investment.

A company who has literally provided expert services during thousands of successful jobs, Viking Termite was established in 1994, after gathering 6 years’ fumigation experience with other companies since 1988. Understanding the best options available for pest control services and fumigation for your personal situation will be significantly easier with an experienced and trustworthy company like Viking Termite.

As it is clear that termite and bedbug fumigation and services are critical components to ongoing successful building maintenance, Viking Termite’s mission is to provide the knowledge, expertise and professionalism necessary to, not only fix your immediate pest control issues, but to become your ongoing service provider of choice for all termite and bedbug fumigation and services, pest control, inspections, structural repair and soil treatments. Viking Termite accomplishes this mission with a combination of trained, skilled, and friendly personnel and state-of-the-art equipment for quality service.

At Viking Termite, customer satisfaction is always our aim, whether the job is an inspection, pest control, or a full fumigation. We strive for happy and repeat customers, who will recommend us to their friends. Viking Termite understands that we must deliver prompt and effective assistance with all customer requests and concerns, and we care enough to do our best to make the whole process of whatever treatments you choose as easy as possible.


We look forward to delivering fast and effective results for you.

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