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Understanding the best options available for pest control services and fumigation will be significantly easier with an experienced and trustworthy company like Viking Termite. We provide the knowledge, expertise and professionalism necessary to not only fix your immediate pest control issues, but to become your ongoing service provider of choice for fumigation, pest control, inspections, structural repair and soil treatments.

Why Fumigate?

A Look Inside The Damage

Termite & Bed Bug Damage

Drywood termites might be tiny little bugs, but they cause big damage — hundreds of millions of dollars big. Even worse, while you might be able to see some signs of termites in your house, there could be many more hiding behind walls, in crawl spaces or in the attic.

Bed bugs, once nearly eradicated as a common pest in the United States, are reappearing in record numbers across the country and around the world, everywhere people live and work. The best defense against them is to know a little about them — what they look like, where they hide, how they spread, and how to get rid of them with whole home fumigation.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Benjamin M. / Bellflower, CA
    Tony and his crew did an excellent job. I was won over when I found out that the fumigation process is all handled in house and not subcontracted out. They were on time, professional and friendly. Great experience overall.
    Benjamin M. / Bellflower, CA
  • Viking Termite did a great job for us. Tony was very informative, personable yet professional. They do not subcontract out the work to other shops like some other companies which is a great plus. I highly recommend them and will use them again. Thank you, Tony.
  • Debbie H. / Norwalk, CA
    My experience with Viking Termite is that they are thorough, reliable, reasonable, and genuinely concerned about keeping the customer happy and taking care of their termite problems for the long haul. During the fumigation process, Viking Termite provided me detailed instructions regarding preparation and time schedules and communicated with me and my family to ensure that my comfort level was OK. After the initial fumigation, Viking Termite worked with me to learn how ongoing inspections are important to ensure termites are gone for good and helped me get on an inspection schedule to defend my home from any further damage. I highly recommend Viking Termite and will continue to use them for all extermination services required for my home.
    Debbie H. / Norwalk, CA
  • John D. / Newport Beach, CA
    I highly recommend Viking Termite, Tony and his crew were very friendly, courteous and professional as they completed an outstanding fumigation to our home. I called Tony when I noticed termites at the back door area of my home. I could not fumigate at that time, so Tony treated that area for me, would not take a payment and said call me when you're ready to tent. I called Tony back to fumigate some time later and he even honored his original quote. Every structure will get termites at some point and time, save yourself some time shopping around for a fumigation company and call Tony at Viking Fume…Thanks for all the extra effort Tony.
    John D. / Newport Beach, CA
  • Dennis D. / Fountain Valley, CA
    I just had my house fumigated by Viking Termite Inc., the work was done today. Tony and his crew did a great job from start to finish. He and his staff were very punctual, professional, honest and true to their words. The tenting and fumigation went smoothly without any problem. Tony took his time to explain the process of fumigation and how to prepare my house for the fumigation. His crews were careful on my tile roof and did not break any tiles, which was one of my concern before the fumigation. I would definitely use Viking Fume again in the future and would highly recommend them. Thank you Tony and Viking Termite.
    Dennis D. / Fountain Valley, CA
  • David S. / Long Beach, CA
    Tony came out first and gave me a very thorough size up on my termite situation. He and his crew were very professional and efficient. No damage after the tent came down, all I can say is positive, I have already recommended him to a friend who is going to use him as well. Great job Tony!!!
    David S. / Long Beach, CA
  • Erik A. / Westminister, CA
    Tony with Viking Termite was outstanding from initial inspection to tenting to wood repair. Punctual, upfront, courteous, and professional; what more can you ask for when making the decision to fumigate. Although having your house tented is a huge inconvenience, I felt comfortable with Tony from the start. Viking Termite is an actual fumigation company and performs all the work. They don’t subcontract the fumigation out like most other pest control companies do. In fact, if you ask most pest control companies if they perform their own fumigation services, you will quickly discover that they don’t! Chances are, if you decide to have your house fumigated by another pest control company, there is a high likelihood you may cross paths with Tony anyway, since he provides the fumigation services for several other pest control companies. This is something that should definitely be taken into consideration, especially when many homeowners are taken by surprise when they find out the most important part in termite extermination is sub-contracted out! It was for me. None the less, Tony and his team were great throughout the entire process!
    Erik A. / Westminister, CA
  • Sally F. / Yorba Linda, CA
    Tony and his crew did a great job. They were professional and friendly too.
    Sally F. / Yorba Linda, CA
  • Gilbert B. / San Clemente, CA
    We recently found incontrovertible evidence of a termite infestation in two different areas of our home, and so we began the unhappy task of interviewing representatives from various extermination companies. After enduring what we felt were some shallow and insincere sales-pitches from three different companies, we interviewed Tony Aguirre from Viking Termite. The contrast between Tony and the others was immediate, and it was compelling. Tony was completely open, genuine, and willing to fully address all of our questions and concerns, not with cliché and glib euphemisms, but with a deep-seated knowledge of all aspects of the Vikane fumigation process. From start to finish, Tony and his team were painstakingly careful and thoughtful (we observed and photographed the entire process from the initial tenting of our home to tent-removal and property clean-up). Having your home tented for termites is not like a picnic in the park, and so it is vitally important to hire someone who really cares about you and about the welfare of your home. We found such a person in Tony Aguirre from Viking Termite, and we would not hesitate to turn to him again should the need ever arise in the future.
    Gilbert B. / San Clemente, CA

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