Termite Structural Repair

A Strong and Sturdy Home Again with Termite Structural Repair by Viking Termite

Two billion dollars in property damage every year from termite infestations!

structural_repairIf nothing is done to stop them, termites will literally eat away at any wood around them in your home, causing substantial and expensive property damage as more and more wood is destroyed. This loss is not covered by standard homeowner insurance policies, and symptoms include sagging floors and ceilings, evidence of sawdust at the base of wood beams or furniture, wings or winged termites and locations that may appear water damaged. Also, this evidence can be seen in materials besides wood too, as termites can move through things like plaster and metal siding, and have been seen as early as within four days of finished new construction.

Without regular inspections, these termite infestations may often remain untreated until major damage becomes obvious. As such, eliminating termites alone is not necessarily enough to enable you to fully recover from an infestation; you will need to replace or at least repair the wood that the termites have damaged. If you don’t replace or repair the wood, there will be a danger of termite-weakened wood giving out later, potentially causing personal injury or further property damage.

Before any structural refurbishment begins, measures should always be taken to ensure that the termite infestation is fully wiped out, which will prevent expensive repairs in the future. After all termites are removed from your home, Viking Termite can restore your home’s original wood structure, by finding all damaged wood and replacing it with solid and durable new pieces of wood. By allowing Viking Termite to do this work rather than another contractor, Viking Termite can use their termite expertise and their knowledge of your property for faster and more effective termite structural repair. Viking Termite is experienced, licensed, bonded and insured. Also, termite structural repair references are available upon request.

For more information regarding our termite structural repair services, please call Viking Termite at (562) 989-8197, e-mail us at vikingfume@gmail.com, or leave us your information here on the Contact Us page, and we will reply promptly. We look forward to delivering beautiful results for you, as soon as you are ready.