Termite Inspection

A Regular Termite Inspection is Necessary, Even if You Don’t Have Termites in Your Home

As a general rule, your home should be inspected annually, even if there are no outward signs of termites, or every three to four months after a recent infestation.   This can end up being a real cost saver in the long run when the inspection and fumigation treatment stops or prevents expensive structural damage.  Viking Termite can provide these termite inspections for single-family, multi-family or commercial properties, as well as termite inspections commonly required as part of the home sale process.

termite-damageUnlike certain other pests, termites are hard to successfully eliminate without professional help.  Termites can hide in areas of the house that are hard to inspect, and can eat wood from the inside out.  Sooner or later, wood boards and supports can become so damaged that they break or crumble.  Don’t wait that long to contact Viking Termite for an inspection, as by then the problem will be out of control, and much more expensive to fix.

If you contact Viking Termite to schedule an inspection, we will send a licensed, friendly and knowledgeable inspector out to perform a thorough inspection of your property. The inspector will then gather their conclusions into a report which you can review when you are ready.  If the report confirms that you have termites, Viking Termite will be happy to provide you with experienced and professional fumigation and/or woodwork repair.  Just call Viking Termite at (562) 989-8197, e-mail us at vikingfume@gmail.com, or use the form on the Contact Us tab to make an appointment.