Bed Bugs Fumigation

Bed Bugs Fumigation – Protect Yourself and Your Pets‏

Do you have bed bugs?

Often you will know if you do, as bed bugs feed at night on human blood, and are also known to attack other warm-blooded animals such as cats, dogs, birds, and rodents.  The bites are red welts that itch and occur while sleeping.  Other signs of a bed bug infestation also include live bed bugs, the smell of rotten raspberries, molten bed bug skins, and dark brown and rusty spots (blood or excrement).

Due to the fact they are mostly active in the dark at night and have great skill at hiding, and the fact that they can go up to a year without feeding, bed bugs can sometimes be difficult to detect, and you may not even know you have them until you wake up with bites. If you have any questions, Viking Termite has a great deal of experience in dealing with bed bugs and can help you determine if they are your problem.

Bed bugs take cover and lay eggs in mattress seams, box springs, bedding, head boards, picture frames, sofas, furniture, carpeting, drapes, and any dark crack or crevice.

Adult bed bugs (cimex lectularius) are about 1/4 inch long, reddish to dark brown in color with flattened bodies (see below). They move quickly, but cannot fly. Eggs and newly hatched nymphs are pale and very small – see below:


What should you do if you have bed bugs?

Contact Viking Termite for a consultation as soon as possible.

Though bed bugs do not live on the person, pet or blood source they are biting, they will not just go away on their own.  As long as bed bugs have a place to live — like a mattress or a pet bed — and a food source like your body or your pet’s body — they will not be moving on.  They will find a suitable hiding place close to a known blood source in mattresses, bedding, furniture, cages and other nearby cracks and crevices, and will settle into areas like fabric seams, dark spaces, etc., reproduce and continue living and eventually feeding until you take steps to eliminate them.  As their peak activity time is at night, if you do nothing, you will just keep going to bed each night, and they’ll sooner or later be biting you. When they complete their life cycle, their offspring will pick up where they left off.   Bed bugs can cause a number of negative health issues including skin rashes and allergy and psychological symptoms.

Below is an image of bed bug bites on a human.


Vikane® gas fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride), the same odorless gas used for termite fumigation, made by Dow Chemical, is also highly successful for bed bug fumigation.

It is to be only applied by professional exterminators like Viking Termite – you can’t fumigate yourself.  It will thoroughly exterminate during all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the hard-to-control egg stage, in one application.

For bed bug fumigation, Viking Termite will pump Vikane® into an enclosed, sealed area containing your household items.  Vikane® gas will replace oxygen, causing the bed bugs and their eggs to suffocate and die.  Vikane® gas fumigant can eliminate bed bugs from just a few pieces of furniture, bedding or other household goods, to an entire home or building with its contents in place.  Viking Termite will help you determine what will be required for your situation.

Once released, the Vikane® gas will quickly break down to its two naturally occurring elements that aren’t harmful to the ozone layer, your surroundings, animals or people, and will drift completely away, leaving no film or odors behind.  It is actually a very “green” successful solution, much more so than pesticides which cannot be sprayed directly on beds, chairs or children’s toys and are not always effective in exterminating bed bugs.  Total treatment time averages between 18 to 48 hours depending on the area, and is safe for all household items including clothes, art, upholstery and drapes, toys and children’s belongings, electronics, antiques, dishes and utensils. Clutter is not a worry with Vikane® fumigation. There is also no need to wash or clean any of these items after exposure to Vikane®.  Viking Termite can help you remove bed bugs from your home for good and are very experienced with Vikane®; please contact us for more information.